08 December 2008

Las Palmas, Grand Canary Island (Farewell Europe!)

Med moored at the Las Palmas Municipal Marina
Grand Canary Island
Canary Islands
North Atlantic Ocean.

It is official. We are leaving tomorrow, Monday, for our Atlantic crossing. The past few weeks we have been patiently waiting for a package of goodies from home. You may have noticed our Mylo fund on the blog. Thanks to our awesome followers, and my creative writing skills for Latitudes and Attitudes Magazine, we achieved our goal and purchased our latest gadget. We are still trying to figure out all the features, but so far so good. Thanks to everyone, especially my mom, Pat, for all her help.

Sandpiper is fully loaded with lots of food, water, beer, and wine. Tomorrow we will top off the fuel tanks. Since being in the city marina the last few weeks we have been able to check off a few jobs as well. It is quite funny when we think about how we prepared so much and for so many months for our Pacific crossing. If you recall we attended meetings months before departure. We traded paper charts, provisioned like it was the end of the world, and had endless discussions with many sailors about what to expect. I guess all these years on the boat we are finally comfortable, have a routine down, and just going for it.

The crossing should take us 28 days. It’s a long time to be on a small boat. But we have plenty of books, music, podcasts, and movies (thanks Ron!). While out we will celebrate Tom’s Birthday, Christmas, and New Years. So I’m hoping the days just fly by.

It looks like we will have good winds for the next few days. So we hope to put the miles behind us. We look forward to hearing from everyone through our Sailmail to help pass the days.

Happy Holidays to all!

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One Love,
Amy and Tom

Note From Ron: Amy and Tom failed to mention where they are going. Barbados, in the Lesser Antilles! 

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