29 December 2008

29-Dec-2008 Noon Position

Atlantic Crossing Day #5

North Atlantic Ocean
  • 83 nm last 24 hours
  • 538 nm from Cape Verde
  • 1482 nm to Barbados
  • Winds S-SW 10-15 Knots
  • Seas S 2-3 feet
As you can see our last 24 hour run was a slow one, but comfortable. It's actually been such a comfortable ride since leaving Cape Verde we have been eating a lot more than we usually do and the fridge is getting empty. Hope the wind picks up soon so we don't have to eat spaghetti for a week, although Tom would love that.

Nothing exciting to report for the last 24 hours. We did hook another fish but they are so small we feel bad keeping them. We passed a ship yesterday, read our books, and the last few evenings have ended with watching a few episodes of 'The Office' season 2.

More tomorrow.

Peace. Out,
Amy and Tom

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