10 October 2008

Almeria, Spain

Med Moored at Club de Mar Almeria
Mediterranean Sea

Hello all. If you are not hip to Facebook then you have probably been wondering where we are. Well, we made it to Almeria, Spain. Not our original port of call but a great score for Team Sandpiper. We are currently in a marina and loving it.

We really scored getting a berth here at this city marina run by Club de Mar. Thanks to Chris from S/V Christa and his great weather emails that we received via Sailmail. We were hip to the fact the weather was going to turn against us. We decided to pull in, and within the hour of our arrival the winds really picked up. Thanks again Chris.

We also scored with the marina since it’s late in the season. Even finding a berth can be a real challenge, which is one benefit of having a smaller boat. To top off all of this great luck the marina switched to winter rates just days before our arrival, making our stay, 9.60 Euros a night instead of the 20 Euros a night. Yippy! We are plugged in, have a fantastic wifi connection, and fresh water, which makes for happy sailors.

We had plans to travel inland, but just couldn’t fathom spending all the money. Besides, bull fighting season ended a few weeks ago. So instead we are kicking it here. It’s great being able to leave the boat and not have to worry about it at anchor.

Today we made a trip to the mall, hoping to catch a movie, but they are all in Spanish. Instead we cruised the few stores and made some unusual purchases for us. Tom bought a sweater and I bought a turtle neck and tights. Yes that’s right! It is down right cold here, and wet too. The forecast calls for more of the same for the next few days. So we figured it was a wise investment.

We were also able to have someone take a look at the iPod today and we are back in business. A free cleaning and she is running like a champ.

Just a quick "Hello" and notice to all that we are great and made it. More later about our culinary and cultural explorations.

One Love
Amy and Tom

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