16 October 2008

2008-Oct-16 Update

5:30am Position

Spanish Coast
Mediterranean Sea
  • 90 nm from Almeria, Spain
  • 60 nm to Gibraltar
  • Winds W 5 knots
  • Seas F.A.C. (calm)
After getting last minute hot showers, one last grocery run, and securing Sandpiper for sea we left Almeria, Spain at 10am for Gibraltar. The weather the next 48hrs is forecasted to be less then 10 knots from the west. So most likely we will motor the whole way to Gibraltar. For Friday the winds are forecast to go back up to 30 knots.

It is 5:30am and the sun is just about to lighten up the horizon. Since leaving Almeria we have been motoring along the coast up Spain averaging 5 knots. This is better then expected as we are supposed to have a current against us and so far we have not seen it. The seas have been flat calm with a light breeze off the bow, Right after sunset a full moon rose up right off Sandpiper's stern. It has been a perfect evening for motoring on a glassy sea with porpoises jumping around Sandpiper's sides all night long.

We are near the Spanish coast and clear of most shipping traffic with just a few ships passing us during the night. Right at sunset the Spanish Maritime Police ran down our port side at high speed out on patrol.

With only 60 miles left to go we are hoping to have the hook set before sunset tonight at Gibraltar. But if not, we are not to worried about a night arrival as there are no shoals in Gibraltar's harbor. And it is very well marked.

Hope next entry finds us with our hook set under 'The Rock'.
Tom and Amy

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