05 October 2008

05-Oct-2008 Noon Position

Noon Position
Coast of Algeria
Mediterranean Sea

  • 84 nm last 24 hours
  • 638 nm from Malta
  • 185 nm to Almeria, Spain
  • Winds E 10 knots
  • Seas E 1-2 feet
Sailing downwind with the main to starboard, jib poled out to port. You read right, Sandpiper is sailing downwind averaging 4-5 knots!! We have not had a downwind run since entering the southern end of the Red Sea outside Yemen and today is perfect sailing.

Yesterday was a mix of sailing, motoring, sailing, motoring till midnight when the winds veered around to the east, right behind us. It was really light at first. We poled out the jib and swung out the main and were just making 1 to 2 knots until sunrise when the wind picked up to 10 knots. So we have been making good speed since.

No lighting or squalls last night, fewer ships, and all the cities along Algeria's shoreline are lit up. We are 20 miles offshore, but still have a good view of the shoreline. We had no idea that Algeria has so many small cities.

Everyday it has been getting colder as well. It is not like we are changing latitude. I think its just getting later in the season. Last night Amy wore a hat, 2 sweatshirts, and Uggs. I am wearing pants for the first time in years, and even wearing a jacket. We need to get south soon. If it gets any colder, I might have to wear shoes.

If you notice our destination has changed for 'now' to the town of Almeria in Spain, 100 miles closer then Malaga. Its a smaller town and should not be as touristy as Malaga. So we are hoping that this means cheaper. We are just guessing though as we do not have any guidebooks for this area and are just looking on a map. Almeria is on our track line so if this does not work out we will just keep going.

We have been getting really great weather forecasting from our good friend Chris Alliare on S/V Christa in Puerto Rico. They have been dead on accurate, leaving us feeling pretty good about not getting beat up this last stretch to Spain.

Also expecting to pass 0 degrees longitude (the Prime Meridian) tomorrow morning!

More in 24,
Tom and Amy

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