02 October 2008

02-Oct-2008 Noon Position

Noon Position
Coast of Algeria
Mediterranean Sea

  • 103 nm last 24 hours
  • 390 nm from Malta
  • 533 nm to Malaga, Spain
  • Winds NW 5-10 knots
  • Seas NW 1-2ft
Still living the dream...Last 24hrs winds have been right off the bow 5-10 knots. We were able to sail for about 3 hours at 2am when the winds picked up from the SW for a few hours. Then the winds came right back from the direction we are heading. More motoring than we had hoped for. But at least the weather has been very mild, making for a calm sea to motor upon.

Last night was lighting and squall free, making for a very uneventful 24 hour run.

Movies ('Curb You Enthusiasm' marathon) and dinner in the cockpit at sunset. Burritos and Spanish rice. Yummm.

Still many ships maneuvering around us, but thinning out a bit the farther offshore from Algeria that we get. We have been slowly creeping away from Algeria's shoreline, but we can still see lights along the shoreline at night. Today are about 20 miles offshore and we can see high mountains all along the port side.

More in 24!!
Tom and Amy

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