12 September 2008

Our Mylo Fund

Mylo 2Help us get a Sony Milo…

The Sony Milo is the COOLEST gadget we saw when we were back in America. It is perfect for cruisers because it turns itself into a free phone wherever there is wireless Internet (WIFI). To keep our site updated when Sandpiper is at anchor we use Sailmail for text that we can transmit through Sandpipers SSB radio, but to post photo’s and videos we have to dinghy our laptop ashore very carefully not to get it wet, or pay at internet cafés.

The Sony Milo connects to the Internet via WIFI where most yacht clubs, marinas coffee shops, restaurants and bars have free WIFI. It also comes loaded with SKYPE where we can call anywhere in the world for penny’s a minute to a phone, and free when calling another SKYPE user. It uses very little power compared to plugging in a laptop to Sandpiper’s batteries and can be left on 24 hours a day to receive phone calls.

If you like what you have been reading these past 3 years, enjoy our photos and entertaining videos and would like to hook a sailor up, then help us get our hands on this little piece of luxury. Imagine how proud you will feel every time you check our site and see that our last entry was sent ‘via Milo’.

If you want to chip in, then feel free to hit this button.

Thank You,
Tom & Amy

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Captain Ben Brown said...

I just added a little bit. Sorry it has taken me so long.
Smooth sailing.