24 August 2008

Tersane Island, Turkey

Anchored at Kapi Creek
Tersane Island
The Lycian Coast

Our first posting from an anchorage in a long while and what a wonderful spot we have chosen to return to after two months of marina/America living. We are currently anchored up Kapi Creek with a stern line tied to the shore for maximum usage of the anchorage. We have about 10 other boats with us mostly tied to the restaurant/bar dock and all of them charter boats.

We had an uneventful motor to the anchorage carefully, watching all systems, and everything is running smoother than ever (knock on wood). Upon returning back to the boat from the USA we had quite a long work list to complete and all jobs went fast and smooth, not usual boat living. Tom changed the oil, fixed the water pump that has been giving us issues since leaving Australia. In today's trip we noticed no leaks. Good job Captain Tom! We also had the fuel injectors rebuilt here in Turkey. Tom put those back in and what a difference that made. That job hadn't been done since Oakland 3 years ago. With the newly rebuilt injectors we are running smoother and quieter than ever.

Also, a very dirty job that should be done every year but this time we pushed it to about two years was the changing of the gaskets on the head (toilet). This job also went swimmingly and she is now pumping like she is brand new.

Another long over due project was getting a few lights fixed which we were able to do while home. We have Alpenglow lights and we can't rave enough about this company. If your looking for low-draw lights then these are the ones to get. They produce wonderful soft light and the customer service is off the hook. With those back in action I am now able to see over the sink again, which I haven't seen since Mexico.

The last job was the fridge. We were hoping for a simple empty the contents, defrost the freezer, turn back on, fill up with food, top off the R-134 (fridge coolant) and off we go. Of course since we didn't have any issues with any of the other jobs it just wouldn't be 'cruising' without something going wrong. We did the defrost, filled up with coolant, but then we had two days where it freaked out mainly due to over filling with coolant. After many hours of staring at everything we finally got it back to the correct temperature and stocked it back up.

We also sadly had to get rid of our Egyptian bicycles as they just take up too much room on the back of 'Piper and would get rusty from the salt. We taped 'For Sale' signs on our baskets, cruised the boardwalk and made a deal with two Turkish charter boat captains. Someday soon I'll own another cool cruiser bike. I even kept my fancy fringed seat cover just for that occasion.

It was a bit sad leaving the dock today as it was our last time seeing Steve from S/V Shiraz. They have put up with us since Bora Bora and we thank them (Steve and Rene) for all the wonderful memories we have experienced together.

As we continue on tomorrow to our last stop in Turkey we plan to check out and get to the Greek Islands. I have high hopes for these next few weeks of Greek salads, Tzatziki, Greek yogurt, and of course at least one shot of Ouzo.

Until then,
Amy and Tom

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