15 June 2008

Kas, Turkey

Med Moored(bow in) at Kas Harbor
(click on the photo to see how small we are...)

Happy Father's Day!

We made it!!!! We arrived to Kas, Turkey yesterday afternoon and are currently squeezed, bow in, in the town's quay amongst many charter boats. The trip here was uneventful which we were looking forward to after the last few passages. The 200+ nautical miles from Cyprus was flat calm with little to no wind so we motored the majority of the way. If you thought fuel was expensive back home you'll be shocked when I tell you that we will expect to pay anywhere from $8-$12 a gallon throughout the Med. With 200 gallon tanks on board Sandpiper, the less motoring we do the better.

Our last few miles before entering Kas harbor we were greeted by the lovely scenery of the Turkish mountains. It's never quite how we picture it in our minds and this time around it's actually nicer than what we had thought. The town of Kas is set at the base of the mountains, closely resembling a small ski village with the cobbelstone back allies filled with all sorts of artisan shops. We tried to do the right thing by checking in, but most of the authorities were closed for the weekend. So we will stay until Monday when we can get it all straightened out.

We have a new Turkish cell where we can receive incoming calls and text messages too, +90-5547230628.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Amy and Tom

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