21 May 2008

Shadwan Island, Egypt

Anchored Shaker (Shadwan Island)

159 Miles to the Suez Canal!
0 fish caught

We broke free from our luxurious living in Hurghada Marina with one last taste of America = McDonalds, then got underway at 2pm hoping that the predicted wind drop would let us make some miles north. No such luck. The north winds held at 15 to 20 knots. So we were only able to make 15 miles before we had to find safe anchorage here at Shaker Island.

This is a very picturesque anchorage with high hills on the island. Off in the distance we can see the high mountains of the Sinai Peninsula. Supposedly this is where Moses came down with the 10 commandments. There is a nice beach along the shoreline here that is tempting to visit. But our Red Sea Guide warns:

"The island is a prohibited area and is still mined. A solder was recently killed or wounded by one as he came to warn some yachties, who'd been ashore walking. They left apparently without noticing his fate, or if they did, they didn't care."

We are anchored here with S/V My Chance. S/V Shiraz is still living large back in Hurghada, promising to catch up with us tomorrow. We are hoping to leave in the AM to see how much progress north we can make if the winds are below 20 knots. If not we will be staying here or making for another anchorage close to here.

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More later from somewhere north,
Tom and Amy

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