09 May 2008

Ras Abu Soma, Egypt

Anchored at Ras Abu Soma

196 Miles to the Suez Canal!!!
0 fish caught...

OH SNAP, stuck again! We were so close, just 30 nautical miles or less to our destination of Abu Tig Marina. The winds picked up at 3am and wouldn't let up with gusts up to 30+ knots. We weren't making any headway going 1 knot so we turned around and pulled into our current anchorage which was 6 miles south. I am using the power of 'The Secret' and thinking positively that the winds will come down this evening and we can make a break for it. I can't do another 7 days of waiting out the weather especially being so close to a marina with a swimming pool, restaurants and shopping. Until then we will fill our afternoon with movies.

Thinking positively
Amy and Tom

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