28 May 2008

El-Tor, Egypt

Anchored at Tor Harbor
South Sinai
Gulf of Suez
Red Sea

112 Miles to the Suez Canal!!!
Too rough to fish. So now we catch flies. 9 flies detained...

Broke FREE!!! Woke up this morning to the anchorage a little quieter than normal and realized the wind was not screeching. After an hour of watching the wind, checking out the swells through the binoculars, and a light breakfast, we decided to make a break for it. We had been stuck at anchor for 6 LONG DAYS with ants in our pants really wanting to continue on. It is only 130 miles to the Suez, a trip that should normally take us overnight. So far we are on week two.

We ended up leaving around 9am. Once on track we were able to have a little wind in the double reefed main and off we went across the Gulf of Suez. We made it across the south bound shipping lane no worries. Everything seemed OK. Then through the north bound lane and the winds started to pick up, along with the swells. This made the ride a bit more uncomfortable than we like. Beating into 30 knots of wind and 6 foot seas sucks to say the least. With my white knuckle grip on to the sides of the dodger, I tried to stay hidden behind most of the trip, sticking my head out every now and then for some fresh air. Things were OK. We were going to make it across.

Salty Tom thought he would try the captain's chair and quickly realized this wasn't a kind position on the tummy with the 'Piper rockin' and rollin'.

Once through the shipping lanes we only then needed to make it past the oil rigs and then we were home free to the other side. Just as we were approaching the anchorage the winds felt as if they were picking back up. But we are now safe and secure for the evening with a cold one in hand and a nice warm shower too. We have our fingers crossed, along with about 12 other boats, that the winds let up even more tomorrow and we can continue on our bash up the Gulf.

Thinking positively
Amy and Tom

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