27 April 2008

Ras Baniyas, Egypt

Anchored at Ras Baniyas

397 Miles to the Suez Canal!!
0 fish caught last 2 days.

A busy 24 hours for Team Sandpiper. We had great south winds where we kept our speed up and over 5 knots. Up until yesterday evening we were thinking we were going to arrive at our next anchorage a wee bit early. We were even planning on heaving-to until the sun came up. However, just as with most evenings in the Red Sea, the wind just vanished. Then over the evening slowly picked up from the north. Around 4am, when we rotated watches, the wind started to honk and we were going less than one knot. Not cool. At this rate it would take until tonight 'till we made the last 20 miles to the anchorage.

So Captain Tom sprang into action and scouted us out a closer anchorage, where we currently are. Tom kept his cool all throughout the evening. Even with the winds picking up, our refrigeration pooping out on us, keeping an eye on the temperature gauge, and now snorkeling on the chain in 25 knots of wind. Three cheers for Captain Tom!

As it turned out we weren't the only boat needing a safe refuge. We are joined by 5 other boats, including S/V My Chance and S/V Ohana Kai, whom we haven't see since Phuket. S/V Shiraz was going to continue the beat up to the next anchorage. We hope to break away and catch up with them ASAP.


Note From Ron: I found this little blurb about Ras Baniyas from the Red Sea cruising guide "Red Sea Pilot".
Ras Baniyas: The military presence here is usually quite friendly but they will want to check your papers. If you go ashore ask them whether the beach is still mined beyond the compound. There is excellent diving here but the bottom is all coral and you may spend some time getting your anchor back. The wind always honks hereabouts and isn't always indicative of how hard it is blowing at sea or further N.
Mines on the beach... nice. Don't go ashore Tom & Amy!

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