04 April 2008

Mersa Dudo, Eritrea

Mersa Dudo

Stand up everyone and join us in a little dance I call the 'Red Sea Boogie'. I've been dancing ever since we rounded the coast of Yemen and entered the Red Sea. I've also even shed a few tears. I mean this is pretty epic where we are. And to think we sailed the 'Piper all the way here. I've sailed here... and I'm still on board. Which is even stranger considering my experience level, or lack there of, before leaving the Bay. But of course as Tom always says, "We won't be pulling into anywhere with an airport."

After clearing the straights of Bab el Mandeb we were cruising with 30+ knots of wind, making over 6.5 knots. It was quite spectacular. On one side we could see the coast of Yemen (Asia), and on the other side the coast of Africa. It felt like we were shooting through a gap in a small narrow straight. Even with a double reefed main we were still making over 6 knots. The wind didn't let up much all night, with us continuing to make excellent speed.

We were just left (west) of the shipping lanes. We were still able to make out the traffic, but trying to stay clear of all the big guys. Occasionally a spot light would be drawn on us, most likely making sure we were not pirates.

We decided to split up our trip to Massawa, Eritrea and find an anchorage for the evening. We are currently anchored and enjoying some delicious home made Margaritas while watching our first African sunset. Our friends from S/V Shiraz and S/V My Chance anchored right next to us.

Tomorrow we will head out for a 180 nautical mile trip to Massawa, Eritrea where we will spend a few days. An inland trip is planned and we should have many stories to share with you.

One Love,
Amy and Tom

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