01 March 2008

Uligamu Island, Maldives

Anchored off Uligamu Island
Ihavandiffulu Atoll
Haa Alifu

Thank Buddha we made it! What a ride this past trip has been. I don't think I've complained so much in such a short period of time. Poor Tom. This 400 nm trip seemed longer than the 1000 nm trip. What a difference weather can make.

We arrived at Uligamu Island early this morning and Customs and Immigration were awaiting our arrival. So even before we had the anchor down they were on board <>starting the paper work. All went relatively well, except we did not have our clearance paper work from Sri Lanka. This could have been a big issue, but I wrote a note explaining what we think happen (the Navy swiped it). We are not allowed to go anywhere else in the Maldives. But that's fine.

We are anchored next to our friends Steve and Rene on the S/V Shiraz who arrived last night with their superior speed.

The plan: drink beer, relax, swim, rest up for the next jump of 1000 nm to Oman. A month ago we thought we would be half way through the Red Sea by now. But now I think we are one of the last boats to check in here. So it is time for us to get moving. I will write more in a few days, after we have done some exploring.

One Love

Notes From Ron: I've discovered that the place names in the Maldives vary widely. So you may find that trying to find information on a places mentioned in this blog might be difficult. I'll try to provide the other alternate names and spellings as footnotes, when I find them.
  • Uligamu Island: aka Uleguma Island. I can't find much about this tiny island. The best is this humorous story from a cruiser who was put under house arrest for breaking one of their many laws.
  • Ihavandiffulu Atoll: The northern most natural atoll in the Maldives. aka Ihavandhippolhu Atoll
  • Haa Alifu: the short name of an administration district of the Maldives. aka Haa Alif Atoll, Thiladhummathee Uthuruburi, A (Atoll Letter), HA (Abbeviation), Northern Thiladhunmathi Atoll, Thiladhummathi North, Thiladhunmati Uthuruburi
  • Uthuruburi: means "North". So does "Alifu".

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Captain Christian Allaire said...

Great Job Team Sandpiper! Team Christa can't wait to meet up! Aloha from Puerto Rico.....I'm exhausted, I better go rest.

Chris, ret