26 March 2008

2008-Mar-26 Noon Position

Offshore Yemen Coast
Gulf of Aden
Indian Ocean

  • 14 nm since 8am
  • 256 nm to Aden, Yemen
  • 14 nm from Al Mukalla, Yemen
  • Winds SE 5-10 knots
  • Seas 0-1 feet SE
Back at it this morning after Shiraz had their fuel delivered at sunset yesterday. We decided to stay overnight because we did not want to transit the first stretch of coast at night. The first 30 miles are near shore and we do not want to risk running into fishing nets.

We actually have winds from the SE for the first time in a long time. We are able to sail with S/V Shiraz next to us to this transit to Aden.

We are still getting BBC and are not too pleased to hear that an American cargo ship that works for the military has unloaded a machine gun into an Egyptian hawker boat that was coming along side to try to sell them supplies. They killed one man on the southern end of the Suez Canal, right where we are heading. Way to go America...

More in 24,
Tom & Amy

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