23 March 2008

2008-Mar-23 Noon Position

Gulf of Aden
Indian Ocean
Offshore Yemen Coast

  • 98 nm last 24 hrs
  • 328 nm to Aden
  • 170 nm from Oman
  • Winds 0 knots
  • Seas F.A.C, 0 feet
No drama last 24 hours... or wind. Was able to sail for one hour late yesterday afternoon in the wrong direction. Then it was back to motoring through the night with calm winds and a glassy sea under a very bright moon.

No small boat traffic overnight and many ships hugging the Yemen Coast along with us and SV Shiraz, who stayed within a mile of us all night. After sunrise there were many Yemen fishermen in fiberglass boats 25 miles offshore. But none came along side today.

The winds, or lack thereof, will determine where our next stop is. If we have no wind in the next 24 hours then Sandpiper and Shiraz will stop at Al Mulkalla (66 miles away) for Shiraz to top off with Diesel in case we have to motor all the way to Aden.

More in 24
Tom and Amy

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