09 March 2008

2008-Mar-09 Noon Position

Indian Ocean

  • 99 nm last 24 hrs
  • 720 nm to Salalah, Oman
  • 526 nm from Uligamu, Maldives
  • Winds N 5-10 knots
  • Seas N 1-2 feet
Extremely uneventful here on the Sandpiper. So much so that I've had us each write down a few moral boosting ideas on pieces of paper. Each day we pick one. Today' idea is 'Laundry'. Needless to say, no more excitement was added to the day.

The last 24 hours we did 99 miles, all under sail, the first since starting this leg. After talking about how far ahead the other two boats are of us (Shiraz 60 nm, Friendship 120 nm), we decided to bust out the spinnaker. All the line maneuvering and then nothing... no joy. The wind just vanished. We are currently motoring.

So what's going on back home?

One love
Amy and Tom

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