03 February 2008

Ko Similan

Mooring Ball at anchorage #8
Ko Similan
Mu Ko Similan National Park
Andaman Sea


As Tom wrote in our last update, we are in Thailand's Similan Island Group. We are still enjoying the natural beauty of the islands. After a morning swim and yoga session on the beach, we left for the northern most anchorage, #8, at Ko Similan where we currently are strapped to a mooring.

It is just spectacular out here. I'm surprised that it is not more of a hyped up tourist destination on the mainland. But I am also glad it isn't. It is very nice being some of the only folks around. It is great to see that Thailand has declared this area a national park and is taking an active role in preserving these special islands.

Since the beginning of our travels you would think we have seen many areas of clear water and active live reefs. But with global warming, that is just not the case anymore. So when we do get to explore clear waters and check different fish species off our list, we must take advantage of it.

Speaking of exploring. We have been on two great hikes on both islands which have included ropes, ladders, and squeezing through some tight spots. Both hikes ended with rewarding views of the reefs and surrounding islands. Any of you that know me know that I don't do ladders, and especially ropes. So for me to say these were rewarding hikes is impressive.

Tomorrow, while most of you are enjoying Superbowl Sunday, we will be enjoying our last day here of snorkeling and exploring. According to our grib files (weather faxes) , it looks like we should have a bit of wind. So we will grab it and head west for the Maldives.

Enjoy the Superbowl, or at least the commercials and all the good junk food that goes along with it!!!


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