07 February 2008

07-Feb-2008 Noon Position

Andaman Sea

  • 96 nm last 24hrs
  • 1,271 nm to Maldive Islands
  • 208 nm from Similan Islands, Thailand
  • Winds E 10 knots
  • Seas S 1-2 feet
Jib sail is poled out to starboard. Main sail is out to port on a preventer. The wind has really died down the last 24 hours. With just 10 knots off the stern, it is giving us at best 4 knots, but averaging 3. We still have lots of fuel, and it would be easy to run the engine to get our daily mileage up. But we still have a long way to go. So for now we are saving the fuel and taking the slow ride.

The seas have really calmed down and Sandpiper is not rolling like she was yesterday. We were able to take showers today. And we had a great meal of salad with the last of our lettuce, and grilled cheese sandwiches.

We plan on passing through the Nicobar Islands late this evening. The Nicobar Islands are part of Union Territory of India. They are home to some of the oldest tribes in the world, whom are said to still practice cannibalism. The Nicobar Islands are completely off limits to cruising boats and closed to the public. So no stopping for us tonight.

Our cruising guide book says if you stop there you might be driven off with bows and arrows, not to mention the Indian Navy. While the Indian Government would have you believe that prohibiting cruising around the coast is to do with protecting the native peoples. However it also certainly has something to do with the Russian military installations on the islands which are now in the hands of the Indian military.

We will be passing through Sombrero Channel tonight. It cuts right through the Nicobar Islands and is over 12 miles wide. So the 'Piper will be right in the middle staying out of their territorial waters.

More in 24.

Tom and Amy

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