03 December 2007

Waiting for Paperwork

Moored Admiral Marina & Leisure Club
Port Dickson
Negeri Sembilan

Still stuck in Port Dickson Admiral Marina and Leisure Club (Tom's favorite part of the club). We are awaiting a piece of mail, actually our boat documentation,. It is just ridiculous that we have to have it updated every year. And of course it is always at a time of year where we seem to be leaving one country for another and need it most. Very inconvenient

Anyhow... we are patiently waiting pool side for the mail, enjoying the icy pool, and a few icy beers as well. Admiral Marina is a lot cooler, temperature wise, than Sebanna Cove Marina. So not so bad. But we are really anxious to be getting up north.

Today we actually thought of changing our minds yet again and staying in Malaysia/Thailand for another year. I suggested we put a poll on the blog and we would let the readers decide. But then reality hit and we need to get going as financially we cannot afford to stay. So we will press on.

I think we did decide to skip Sri Lanka. We read today another 17 people were killed in civil unrest. And yes, it is up north, but we should probably just steer clear of the area.

We are hoping to get visas for India and visit the Andaman Islands. These islands have only been open to tourists for the last 20 years. Not exactly sure why, but I do know the beaches are white sand and the water is super, super clear. They take great pride in the cleanliness of the islands, which is probably why they don't let a lot of cruising boats around. Visas are limited, but we will try for one while in Phuket.

Depending on when the mail arrives we may head straight to Langkawi. Or we will do a quick stop in Penang and then off for Thailand. Really looking forward to getting there and also wishing we didn't have to rush through.

Amy and Tom

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