20 December 2007

Koh Lipe, Thailand

Anchored at Koh Lipe
Tarutao National Marine Park
Andaman Sea
Satun Province

Greetings from Thailand!! Sandpiper left Langkawi at noon yesterday after we topped off the fuel tanks and got cleared out of the marina. Sandpiper is now sitting lower in the water then when we left Mexico to cross the Pacific. We are so loaded with food, beer, water, and fuel as it is cheaper to buy everything we need to cross the Indian Ocean in Langkawi rather then in Thailand.

We stopped and anchored here at this island because is was just a 25 mile run. That only leaves 90 more miles to go to get to Phuket were we need to check in with Thai customs and immigration. We just picked this anchorage randomly as our guide book said that there was really nothing here. As we approached the anchorage we could see other boats anchored. Then we saw all kinds of white tourists all along the beach. It turns out that Koh Lipe is a backpacker's paradise, with a white sand beach and all kinds of beach bars and beach bungalows.

Team Sandpiper sprung into action. We pumped up the dingy and were soon ashore having ice cold Chang Beers and meeting some of the travelers there. This is the first time we have seen white tourists in a long time. and I am sure that we will see plenty more the farther north we go.

We are kind of here illegally since as we have not officially cleared into Thailand. And we cannot do that until we get to Puket. But it does not see to be a problem here. Our plans are to leave here late this morning for an overnight sail to Puket.

Tom and Amy

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