25 December 2007

Kata Beach

Anchored at Kata Beach
Phuket Province
Andaman Sea

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Hope this finds everyone well, warm, happy and healthy this Christmas morning. Since we are a day ahead of most of you, Santa has come and gone. Seems like we were both good this year as a few small treats were left in our stockings. We are thinking of all our friends and family today and hoping your Holiday is as peaceful and special as ours.

The last few days we spent anchored in Nai Harn Bay where there is an annual 'cruiser' Christmas gathering on Christmas eve. We arrived in Nai Harn the 23rd, dropped the hook, and hit the beach chairs. We had been looking forward to that moment for some time. After a few hours in the chairs, a few beers, and enough Europeans in tiny bathing suits, we headed up for a bite of Thai.

The anchorage at Nai Harn was filled with at least 80 other boats, some we traveled with through Indonesia, and a few new ones. The wind was a bit fluky which caused the anchorage to be uncomfortable. But we stuck it out for two days.

Christmas Eve we hit the beach again, in and out of the warm turquoise water. A little paddle board game. And back under our umbrellas. Dinner started 7:30 pm and with a nice buffet of salad, rice, chicken, and many Thai noodle dishes. We enjoyed the pleasant company of our friends on S/V Uterus and their guests. Entertainment was provided by a wonderful, low key Thai Reggae band complete with a fire dance show at intermission.

We were home early to find the 'piper' rockin' and rollin' all over the place so we were in for another long sleepless night. This morning we finally settled down some, exchanged Christmas presents, had a big breakfast, pulled up anchor and motored 3 miles to the next stop.

We are currently anchored at Kata Beach, Phuket's nicest beach. After playing with our new Game Boy we swam to shore, walked the beach, and a little of town. Nothing like walking through town on Christmas afternoon donning nothing but our swim suits. We plan to stay in this area for a few more days to ring in the New Year. We will be sure to keep you posted on all our beach activities and adventures.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!


The Larson's

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