05 October 2007

Sergang, Madura Island

Madura Island
East Java

Greetings from the small village of Sergang! Team Sandpiper got out of the anchorage at Raas Island at 7am this morning along with friends on SV Sunburn (NZ) and another boat, SV Meridian (AU), for a 40 mile motor sail to where we are anchored now, right off the beach in 13ft of water. This is just a stop for the night because we did not want to transit this area at night due to all the unlit objects in the water in this area.

We are bit exposed here as there is no protection from the swells. I think that the anchorages that have been too deep for us to drop anchor in Indoneisa are now in the past. Now we are in the Java Sea, which is quite shallow. I think we might be the only sailboats to ever anchor off of this village.

This part of Indonesia is quite nice. The houses along the shoreline are very nice and have real roofs. As we approached where we wanted to anchor, dozens of small local fishing boats passed us on their way out to sea, waving hello to us as they went out for their night of fishing. The local boat traffic here really likes to get close and cross right across our bow. They are not trying be rude. They do this so they can be close enough to say hello and give us a wave as they pass us.

Team Sandpiper's current plans are to leave here tomorrow at 10am along with the other boats with us for a 100 mile overnight trip to the island of Bawean where we plan to anchor for the night. Then we plan continue on for another 170 miles to Kumai on the southern end of Borneo so we can travel upriver and visit Orangutans.

We want to be able to sail during daylight hours so we can see all the junk in the water here. We don't want to get tangle up with it. There are unlit fishing boats, bamboo fish rafts, ships, barges. Also, along our track line, there is a huge oil rig that we are hoping to avoid.

Tom and Amy

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