28 October 2007

Indonesia Wrap-Up

Moored at Sabana Cove Marina
Sungai Santi River
State of Johor

Another wrap up entry. It feels like we just got here and I am not ready to leave! I have been thinking about this entry for a few days now and I just do not even know where to begin.

The past 3 months has been a cultural experience like none else. When I close my eyes and think of all the great things we have seen, heard, smelled, tasted, and experienced since being here, it is quite a feat for only 90 days.

Indonesia has so much to offer. I believe even if we stay for another set of days, weeks, or even months, we could experience another round of exciting days and nights of things we would not be able to experience anywhere else. By joining the rally 'Sail Indonesia' we were privy to many more cultural experiences than by doing it on our own. And to all the organizers... a big Thanks!

A country where we can travel from one island where some have never seen a white person before (Belitung) to an island with everything one could imagine (Bali). I imagine we will not see anything else like this in our travels. And for this we are truly grateful and appreciative of all the local Indonesians we have met and who let us into their lives. It has been an epic stop along this long, strange trip.

A few highlights for 'Team Sandpiper Indonesia' include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The sail to our first stop Kupang and the fact that we were able to actually sail the entire trip from Darwin, Australia.
  • The city of Kupang, our first stop in Indonesia, and a great look at how lovely Indonesians are.
  • The rally organized day trips up some crazy small dirt roads with police escorts and an ambulance in the back of the bus caravan.
  • Our first and hopefully last 'open water' experience in Alor. Being left by our snorkel boat and seeing it drift farther away from us... not so cool. Swimming after the boat and seeing a black tip reef shark... cool.
  • Hearing the phrase "Hello Mister" for the first time and seeing the children with their big beautiful smiles and so happy to see us. They brought many smiles to our faces too.
  • Tom actually signing a child's hand with marker and with mom's insistence. A bit over the top, but humorous to say the least.
  • Traveling with S/V Uterus through the Komodo and Rinca Islands.
  • Spotting our first Komodo Dragon, monkey, and Water Buffalo while tiptoeing through the outback of Komodo Island.
  • Relaxing and enjoying many cold Bintang's and outside movies at the Gili Islands.
  • Next stop, Bali, where we relaxed by the Hard Rock Hotel pool. Enjoyed the beaches of Kuta. Stayed out way too late drinking way too much. Found some great restaurants. Enjoyed the local dance and music
  • Made an inland trip to Ubud where I someday hope to return and spend several weeks more enjoying the laid back atmosphere and calming walks of many rice fields.
  • Kumai, seeing the Orangutans in their natural surroundings and just an overall exhilarating two days.
  • Finally, our last stop Belitung, where a lot of the locals have never seen a white person before. The only place we went that is not even in my trusty 'Lonely Planet'.
  • And ordering and eating kilos of squid for dinner along with several beers, rice and vegetables for less than $5 a piece. We could not get enough.
This just about includes every stop we have made since being here. We have had so many excellent adventures it is hard to narrow it down.

Overall, the past three months have just flown by for Team Sandpiper enjoying every bit of Indonesia we could. We hope someday to come back and do more inland exploring of this area. Indonesia is a place both Tom and I highly recommend a visit to.

Looking forward to new experiences and adventures these next few months while visiting Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.

Love to all
Amy and Tom

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