15 August 2007

Tanjung Gedong

Anchored at Tanjung Gedong
Anchorage #12 in "101 Anchorages Within The Indonesian Archipelago" by Geoff Wilson

Palau Flores
East Nusa Tenggara


To all our family and friends, the past 2 days have found Sandpiper in a lovely anchorage on the island of Flores. We are currently anchored with 14 other boats in a small bay with our stern tied to coconut tree. The past 2 days have consisted of us swimming, snorkeling, relaxing and recouping my Indonesian belly. Tonight we shall be joining our other FOS's (Friends of Sandpiper: SV Blue Sky, SV Sunburn, SV Uterus, and SV Mico Verde) on a dinghy raft up to watch yet another spectacular sunset and the monkeys.

The monkeys only come out at sunset and if we all drift by slowly in our dinghies we can watch them along the shoreline.

Tomorrow we plan to set off at sunrise for a 50 mile sail to Maumere, the largest town on the island of Flores. Once there we hope to join the locals in celebrating Indonesian Independence Day on the 17th. We also hope to set up a tour to the 3 colored lakes and do some more snorkeling. Stay tuned for more Indonesian adventures.

Sampai jumpa lagi,
Tom and Amy

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