27 August 2007

Rinca Island

Anchored Teluk Ginggo
Anchorage #46 in "101 Anchorages Within The Indonesian Archipelago" by Geoff Wilson

Rinca Island
East Nusa Tenggara

Dragons, monkeys, and deer. Oh my!

For the last two nights we have been anchored here in our own bay, with our own beach on the island of Rinca. The large bay has many different little bays inside. After checking out all the anchorage possibilities, we and our friends from S/V Uterus decided this spot where we each have our own beach. Check it out on the Google Earth link. Maybe you can see a dragon!

The first afternoon here Tom and I explored the reef around the boat. The water was a bit murky, but we still saw some coral we had never seen before. And we say a few big fish. Tom pointed out this great Sea Anemone that we had never seen before. As with most anemones, there were Clownfish hanging around it. There appeared to be mom, dad, and baby Clownfish. So cute!

We found a few Sand Dollars in perfect condition to add to my shell collection. Also, we found a few dried up Sea Urchins.

We've really been itching to find the perfect beach for a fire. So later in the afternoon we (Tom, Benjamin, and myself) collected firewood on the beach while staying clear of any dragons. We regrouped on the beach around 5 and had a wonderful fire, complete with melted chocolate filled bananas, and watermelon.

Henrietta and I were a bit nervous. We were convinced that every sound we heard coming from the woods were dragons stalking us. We made it through the night without any dragons joining the party. But the next morning Tom saw two walking the water's edge.

Today we are hoping to sail 10 miles west to the island of Komodo to a pink sand beach. Our plan after that is to continue around the north end of Komodo Island stopping at a few good snorkel/dive sites. Then we will continue on westward toward Bali.

Hope all is well back home.

Love to all,
Amy and Tom

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