22 August 2007

Telok Linggeh

Anchored at Telok Linggeh
Anchorage #22 in "101 Anchorages Within The Indonesian Archipelago" by Geoff Wilson

Palau Flores
East Nusa Tenggara

It is 4pm and we just dropped the hook. We are presently anchored off the beach at a small village. There is a large bay here with a few reefs that we dodged coming in. We found a great spot to anchor along 8 other rally boats that were already here.

Usually when we anchor here in Indonesia, kids and adults paddle out in their small wooden canoes, grab the side of the Sandpiper, and scream "Hello Mister! Hello Misses!". They are asking if we have anything that we can give them, usually candy, or small writing books they use for school. This place is no exception. As soon as we set the anchor we were surrounded by kids in wooden canoes all wanting to know if we had t-shirts. We gave out a few shirts that we never wear, and some candy.

The funny part was when we turned on Sandpiper's stereo. All the kids started screaming and dancing in their canoes. This might have been a mistake because soon as the song ended they were all screaming "More music! More music!" It took some doing to get everyone to leave us. We had kids peeking through our portholes while we were hiding below hoping they would paddle away.

A FOS (Friends of Sandpiper) update:

  • SV Blue Sky and SV Sunburn are together back at the last rally stop. Sunburn's transmission broke and they are trying to get it welded together. SV Blue Sky has been towing them around. They have broke the transmission twice now, and it is very difficult to get anything boat related repaired in this area of Indonesia. They will probably be staying together until this is fixed since they both have kids of the same age.
  • SV Shiraz has gone ahead of us and we are hoping to catch up with them in the Komodo Islands in a week or so.
  • SV Uterus is right next to us in the anchorage.
  • SV Mico Verde stayed back in our last anchorage in Riung for a few days to get fuel and water.
Translations From Ron:
  • "Telok" is Indonesian for "Bay"
  • "Palau" is Indonesian for "Island"

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