02 July 2007

Noon Update : 02-July-2007

Arnhem Coast, Arafura Sea
Northern Territory

121nm last 24 hrs
307nm to Darwin
384nm from Thursday Island
Winds SE 10-15 knots
seas S 2-3ft

Ahhhhh, nothing like a warm 'Extreme Shower' to make the sail even that much better. Especially since it has been a few days. I'd like tell you exactly how many days, but my mom would probably be floored and embarrassed. Anyways, not much to report for today. We did have a little excitement last night. As soon as the sun went down the line on the jib snapped and sent the jib fluttering about. Tom sprung into action, took the old torn line out, and used the starboard line.

We think the jib pole needs some leather wrapped around the end so as to not create friction on the lines. After we get all the kinks worked out on this pole we are going to write a book.

Currently we are maintaining our 5 knot speed and should be in for another nice sail tonight. Oh ya. I forgot to report that Tom saw a 6 foot long sea snake today. Hopefully they are not in the anchorage.

SV Shiraz 50 miles in front of us
SV Blue Sky 74 miles in front of us.

More in 24,
Amy and Tom

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