25 July 2007

Kupang, West Timor

Anchored off Teddy's Bar
Kupang, West Timor
East Nusa Tenggara

We spent the night sailing as slowly as possibly until sunrise when we put up all the sails and slipped into the anchorage at Kupang at 1pm. Most all of the rally boats are already here and the anchorage is quite crowded. We got really lucky. Half of the boats here have not been cleared by customs yet, so they are stuck on their boats until they get cleared in.

As soon as we dropped our anchor customs came aboard and cleared us into Indonesia. The clearing in is very painless since most of the paperwork had been completed by the Rally Committee back in Darwin. The 3 customs officers that came aboard were done in about 15 minutes. They were also in a big hurry because they were not feeling too well due to Sandpiper rolling around in the slight swell that comes through the anchorage. So we filled out all their paperwork as fast as we could so they could get off the boat.

From what we can see from the boat, Kupang is a small city with buildings all along the waterfront. Indonesia is mostly Muslim. From where we are anchored we can hear the call to prayer from the mosques in town. Quite strange.

We just inflated the dingy and took showers for a little shore liberty. We plan on being here for 4 days. We will write a Kupang brief before we leave.

Tom and Amy

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