14 May 2007

Tongue Bay, Whitsundays

Team Sandpiper Update 12 May 2007
Anchored in Tongue Bay
Whitsunday Island, Queensland

After one week of rain I think we are back to sunny days. And just in time too! Yesterday we left Nara Inlet around 10am, went through Hook Passage, and around the corner to Tongue Bay. There we met Shiraz and finally get a look at the famous Whitehaven Beach. To see Whitehaven Beach during the rain just doesn't do it justice. The beach is 98% silica, a fine white powder. It is often voted one of the best beaches in the world! When the sun is shining the white from the sand is mesmerizing, framed by the surrounding electric blue water. It can be quite a spectacle.

This morning at high tide, Shiraz came to pick us up in their dingy, and ashore we went. We hiked the trail to the lookout of Hill Inlet and Whitehaven Beach. A true Kodak moment. This afternoon we will release the mooring and move the boats to the anchorage of Whitehaven Beach for an up close look at this 6km stretch of 8,000 ton, 98% silica beach.

Amy and Tom

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