21 May 2007

Haymen Island, Whitsundays

Blue Pearl Bay
Haymen Island, Whitsunday Islands
Queensland, Australia

Monday afternoon here on the Sandpiper and we've done nothing today except read and make bread. The weather is a bit overcast, so it is a good day to lounge around and our last day to enjoy the Whitsunday Islands. We are heading back to the bustling town of Airlie Beach tomorrow for much needed water, fuel, propane, beer and provisions.

Upon on our arrival to Blue Pearl Bay yesterday morning we filled up the dink with all the snorkel gear and did some exploring. A lot of the charter boats stop here for snorkeling and diving expeditions. The water wasn't as clear as the reef, but we did see lots of fish and some pretty good coral too. Tom got some great shots with the underwater camera, and even managed a record a video or two. Another project for Ron to figure out how we can post these to the blog.

Last night we had several large charter boats join us here at the anchorage. So Tom and I did a sunset dingy cruise through the harbor to check out all the large boats. We even scored some ice for our cocktails off of Shiraz.

I had attempted to make Williams and Sonoma French bread yesterday. But it didn't rise enough and turned into some dense hockey puck like loaves that the fish can't even eat. Today, however, I was successful and made 4 6-inch, lightly brown loaves that we will turn into French bread pizzas. Yum!

Our plan for the next week or so is to work on the 'Piper' in Airlie Beach and get ready for our next trip up the coast. The next few trips are long ones, with not much in between. So we need to make sure we are ship shape.

We are hoping to have Wifi in Airlie Beach. So you can look for us on Skype.

Love to all,

Amy and Tom

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