17 May 2007

Butterfly Bay, Hook Island

Moored at Butterfly Bay
Hook Island, Queensland

We had a great sail with a poled out jib from the last anchorage to here at Butterfly Bay. Butterfly Bay, and the few bays around here, are all part of a marine sanctuary. "What does this mean?" you ask. Well, they prefer you not to drop an anchor but instead to use the mooring balls provided by the parks. This is as not to damage the coral. Also, there is no taking of shells and no fishing. Basically, everything is protected.

We got out the kayaks this morning and paddled our bay and the one next to us too. We even tried a little snorkeling. The water is a bit too murky for my liking. But we were able to see some nice coral heads and parrot fish. The visibility was maybe 10 feet with patches of brilliant blue coral. Then there will be a really deep, dark hole where you don't know what's going to come out of it. And that makes me nervous.

So Team Shiraz has gratefully offered us the port hull on Shiraz on a trip to the outer reef where we are hoping to catch a better glimpse of the Great Barrier Reef. We are leaving Sandpiper here on the ball in Butterfly Bay and cast off Shiraz at 6 am tomorrow for the overnight trip. We are really looking forward to this trip; our first catamaran sailing experience, a chance to snorkel in clear water, and to view the magnificent coral and exotic fish of the outer reef. But hopefully no sharks.

Love to all,

Amy and Tom

Note From Ron: The port hull of the Shiraz has their guest stateroom and a head.

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