03 April 2007

Surfers Paradise

Anchored Sea World Spit,
Surfers Paradise
South Port, Queensland

Hey all,

It's Tuesday the 3rd of April here and another bright sunny day on the Gold Coast. I'm a big fan of the Gold Coast. It reminds me of Florida and all our family spring break trips with all the amusement parks, big beaches, speed boats, lots of giant hotels, and many cheesy tourist attractions.

We pulled into the Spit on Friday and tied up to the visitors dock at the Southport Yacht Club. Within minutes of tying up to the dock, we had an electrician on the boat . He took a long look at the alternator. At the end of the day gave us good news. We don't need new batteries or a new alternator. So we feel really good about this.

On Saturday we filled the water tanks, scrubbed the boat, put in a load of laundry, and moved out to the anchorage. We are anchored right in front of the giant ferris wheel of Sea World.

On Sunday morning we met our friends from S/V Shiraz at Dream World. We had such a great time. The weather was a bit overcast, so there were hardly any lines for the rides. We first hit the water park, riding all the rides at least once. Our favorite ride is 'The Green Room', a giant green funnel that accelerates you down a tunnel into a funnel where you wash back and forth, all the while spinning and being sprayed by water. It then drops you into the pool. Good times!

Then we went to the big rides. Tom, Steve, and Rene rode 'The Claw', a ride that spins 360 degrees, reaches zero gravity, and swings 9 stories high. I happily watched the bags. Everyone was a little shook up after that one.

Then Steve and I braved 'The Giant Drop', a 120 meter free fall. Steve tried to get me to look around when we reached the top, but I just couldn't bring myself to open my eyes. However, I do remember the drop! The drop lasts only a few seconds, but it managed to take my breath away. Tom says this will condition me for sailing around South Africa, a trip I'm hesitant about.

After a train ride around the park, then an IMAX movie about Australia ("Australia: Land Beyond Time"), we were ready to leave. We all went back to the Shiraz, had pizza and drinks, and even got to spend the night in Shiraz's port hull. We had a great time! Thank you Steve and Rene.

Our current plan is to leave here later this afternoon, after we crash the pool at Sea World. We plan to head 90 miles north to Mooloolaba. I could easily spend a week here, but we would be out of a lot of money, so it is time to get moving.

Talk to ya soon,

Amy and Tom

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