29 April 2007


Moored Mackay Marina
Mackay, Queensland

We got started at the crack of dawn from Digby Island to Mackay. On the way we saw a bunch of tankers just anchored in the middle of the ocean. Apparently the loading dock is way behind schedule and these tankers just queue up off the coast waiting for Australian coal.

Approaching Mackay harbor shows this huge beach-lined bay around Mackay. It’s hot here—feels like Texas. The Mackay harbor is pretty much a planned community. It’s got a bunch of high-rise high-end apartments, brand-new docks, and about 6 restaurant/bars.

We got all cleaned up and went out for dinner and bar hopping. We started at the Yacht Club for apps and drinks, and then moved on to a seafood/Italian place for dinner. I had a seafood version of a hobo dinner (a bunch of food wrapped in foil and thrown on the fire), which was super good. We ended up at the Sails Sports Bar. There was a one-woman-band
playing classic rock on a keyboard/drum-machine thing and guitar. I sure can’t stay out late like at home—the sun takes a lot out of me. We crashed early.

This is it for me-- I’m flying back to Sydney today. I’ve had such an amazing time. Tom and Amy have been awesome and didn’t throw me overboard when I broke the head or spilled whiskey all over the nav station. I’ve been to all these remote islands both inhabited and uninhabited—really a once in a lifetime thing for me, and I’m not the ones going all around the
world!! Anyway thanks so much to Amy and Tom for having me aboard and I hope I can meet up again further along the road (err, ocean that is).

Iain Gray
Crew S.V. Sandpiper

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