06 March 2007

Refuge Bay

Mooring Buoy
Refuge Bay
Cowan River
Broken Bay, New South Wales, Australia

We broke free from Sydney today after a miserable night at anchor with 30+ knot winds and sideways rain all night. We did not get much sleep last night because Sandpiper was all over the place. But we were anchored in a secure spot.

The rain stopped late this morning and we left Sydney Harbor and sailed north to where we are now in Refuge Bay. We had 20+ knots of wind making for a great sail, averaging 6 knots. We had to try to remember how everything works! Its been 2 months since we have sailed.

We had a really great trip. We are in a small bay up the Cowan River. Our guide book states that this anchorage is the most beautiful anchorage on the whole East Coast of Australia. We grabbed a free mooring buoy right along the beach. There is a waterfall that falls right on the sand!

Also, I have given my head cold to Amy....
More in 24,

Tom and Amy

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