20 March 2007

Port Stevens Marina

Tied up at free dock in Port Stevens Marina
Nelson Bay, New South Wales

Sitting here in Limbo,

Well we did not move far. We woke up early on Saturday morning and headed out of the harbor only to hear from the Coastal Patrol that the weather forecast had changed. The southerly winds that were predicted were only going to last for a few hours. So we turned around and came back into the harbor and found a spot open on the free dock here in the Port Stevens Marina. It is the only free dock that we have seen in Australia.

There are a few other boats here waiting for a good southerly to head north. There was a nice thunder storm that came over today with lots of lightning and thunder. When you are on a sailboat, you really notice the lighting bolts!

We have had a few free days while the winds were from the north on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. So Amy cracked the whip and we repainted the head, as this is a project that she has wanted to do for some time now. I think the paint in the head is the original paint from 1976! Amy did all the sanding and I got to do the painting. The head looks great and we would be proud for anyone that wants to give it a try!

We also discovered that a bottle of wine at the RSL is only $10.00. And we had a warm reception back from the RSL regulars that had thought we had left.

We going to try to leave again first thing in the morning as soon as we get the new weather report and see how far we can get. The new southerly is only supposed to last about 24 hours.

More in 24,
Tom and Amy

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