01 February 2007

Team Sandpiper AWOL Melborne/Tasmania

Greetings everyone,

In case you are wondering what has happened to us, I screwed up our last posting, and will not be able to update the blog as we are off the boat and traveling inland for 2 weeks.

We just did an overnight bus ride from Sydney to Melbourne, where we are staying for a few days. Then we are flying down to Tasmania for 2 weeks to do some exploring.

Sandpiper is being hauled out of the water while we are gone. We are having the bottom painted and the hull waxed. We are planning on leaving the Woolwich Marina on the 26th to slowly start creeping back up the coast.

We will give a new posting when we get back after the 16th of Feb.


Tom and Amy


MicoVerde said...

Thanks for all the Aussie info. We're currently docked in Bundaberg!

SY Mico Verde

Amy said...

Happy Birthday Amy!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday AMY! Sounds like Australia is treating you well. Be sure to go to Bronte Beach (my fav).

Much love,
Ryan Mackey

Hi Tom!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, you guys rock!!!!!! I wanna be you!!!!!!
Jan Foster