01 January 2007

Happy New Year!!

Welcome to the future! Last night Amy and I saw the most spectacular pyrotechnics displays while the rest of you back home were sleeping. There were more than a million people out for the big show all along Sydney Harbors shoreline. Teams Sandpiper & Blue Sky staked out territory early right outside our marina entrance in a large park that thousands of other people were competing for the best spot to view the fireworks. Emma on Blue Sky’s family live here and they all came out bringing with them a giant feast. At 9pm there was a fireworks show for the kids, then the HUGE show at midnight. This years fireworks were the worlds largest as it was also the 75th anniversary for the Sydney Bridge (that is why there is a diamond lit up in the center of the bridge)and there were fireworks shot off from 5 barges, all along the bridge and off the tallest buildings downtown that lasted over 20 minutes. We wish everyone a safe and happy New Year in 2007.

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Anonymous said...

that is awesome you guys we miss you seems like only yesterday that we were in PV where Tom was shooting off his own fireworks happy and healthy new year