13 December 2006

Coffs Harbour, New South Wales

  • Coffs Harbour Marina
    Coffs Harbour, New South Wales
  • 13-Dec-2006
  • 30°18.1000"S/153°8.7000"E
Good Day from Coffs Harbour,

We left Surfers Paradise on Monday morning and did and overnight trip here to Coffs Harbour, a 147nm trip. We left as we had a good 25 knot wind from the north that gave us a crazy average speed of 8 knots all night! There is a 2 knot current on the coast that gave us a nice push. We made it too 4 miles off Coffs Harbour by the morning. We got there just in time, for the winds clocked around from the south at over 30 knots, and we had to beat into the harbor as the winds were picking up.

Coffs Harbour is a small fishing town a lot like Morro Bay in California. It is also home of the “Big Banana”. We are looking forward to seeing it, if possible.

We are planning on leaving either today or tomorrow morning. We will decide as soon as we check the weather at the Internet café. We are hoping to make Sydney, our new home for the next several months, by Saturday, if all works out

Tom and Amy

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Amy said...

Happy Birthday Tom!!!!!! I hope you got my email!

Amy #2 and Liam