23 October 2006

Tropical Cyclone Xavier

Greetings All,
Just wanted to let everyone know we are still in Vanuatu waiting out tropical cyclone Xavier. I'm not sure if this storm has made the news back home but it was named a cyclone yesterday afternoon. It is currently located north of us and expected to turn west southwest which is right where we are and it's moving in the direction we will be headed when we leave here. The Vanuatu Meteorological Service puts out weather updates and as a cruiser we can go to the office and get up to date information. At 9:00 am the broadcast read as follows: The sea is very rough in the affected areas with heavy swells. People, including sea going vessels are strongly advised not to go out to sea until the system moves out of the area.' This means 'Team Sandpiper' along with our new team member Ron will be stayin' put until further notice. We'll keep the blog updated and let you know when we get a break in the weather and decide to go for it. Talk to you soon

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Anonymous said...

Tom & Amy, did Ron make it to you ok? From Ron's buddy Sean in Perth.