30 October 2006

Team Sandpiper Update 30 Oct 2006

  • Noon Position, 17'48.4S/163.23.8E
  • 741nm to Bundaberg/Aus
  • 281nm from Port Vila Vanuatu
  • 139nm last 24hrs
  • winds 15-20E
  • seas 5ft E

Ron here... Captain Tom has let me write the update today.

Another day at sea. We rounded the top of New Calidonia late this afternoon and are now headed for Chesterfield Reef. It was a beautiful day sailing... perfect conditions. We have not seen another boat or anything since Saturday night. Nothing but flying fish.

I have a massive headache from constantly banging my head on low things all day long. I still have not learned the subtle roof lines in the cabin and am constantly standing up in places where I should duck. I should wear a helmet the first days at sea. I think I am about an inch taller than Tom, so I have a lot less leeway than he does.

I made breakfast this morning. I tried making oatmeal. I came out terrible and I think I used a whole tank of propane since it took me over an hour. Tom and Amy were real nice and said it was good. But they couldn't finish it. Hmmmmm.... I don't think Tom is too happy about cooking over an hour for instant oatmeal.

Living on board is sure a lot easier than on the Halcyon as a kid. The autopilot is awesome. We don't have to steer at all. And we watched a DVD at dinner. Pretty sweet living.

Today was extreme shower day... we were all getting a little ripe. Extreme shower is showering out on the foredeck in pitching sea. You have hang on so you don't fall overboard.

Yo Caspurr... shout out from Ron. Can you email me the results from the World Series to the boat? Thanks!

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