28 October 2006

Team Sandpiper Update 28 Oct 2006

  • Noon Position, 17'44.5S/167'56.9E
  • 964nm to Bundaberg/Aus
  • 20nm from Port Vila Vanuatu
  • 20nm since 8am
  • winds 10-15E
  • seas 5ft E
We are back at sea finally after dodging a cyclone (Hurricane, called cyclone South of the equator) and have sailed since we left Port Vila at 8am. Team Sandpiper has grown and we now have the BLOG's editor and chief on board till Bundaberg so hope these postings make it as we are sending them directly to the site from the boat. We made it out this morning with a number of other boats that are in the Port2Port rally and our friends on SV Blue Sky and Sheriaz are along as well. We are hoping to make this leg in less than 10 days if the winds work for us.
Being in Port Vila with a cyclone aimed right at us was pretty exciting in the anchorage as many of the boats were busy removing all their sails and awnings, and tripling their moorings. Ships in the harbor ran themselves right up along the beach and anchored out their sterns, lots of good drama.
More in 24
Tom,Amy and Ron

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