07 October 2006

Noon Position 07-Oct-2006

Fiji to Vanuatu
South Pacific Ocean

  • 07-Oct-2006
  • 19°14.6000"S/170°54.1000"E
  • 121nm last 24hrs
  • 375nm from Fiji
  • 80nm to Vanuatu
  • 15-20 knots SW

Sailed last 24 hours! Winds have died down to a manageable level and we are having a great ride today. There is a full moon and we are passing an island, an old volcano, about 6 miles away. We slowed down today as we were not going to make landfall before sunset. So we are going to be anchoring at sunrise under the spewing volcano at Tanna Island.

Tom and Amy

Ron's Notes:
The island they passed is "Futuna Island".

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