30 August 2006


Ron here. Sorry the blog has not been updated in a while. I am currently in the US (back in Santa Barbara) and getting ready to fly back to Australia today. I flew over last week and have been too bisy travelling and working over the last week or so to get to personal things.

Tom mentioned that they are in Tonga and plan to stay a few weeks.

I will be flying over to Vanautu in mid October to join Tom and Amy for a sail from there over to Queensland, Australia. So if you want me to bring them anything, then mail then to me in Australia.

Ron Larson
PO Box 7169
Cloister Square, Western Australia 6850

And I am bringing them a new solar shower

Ron Larson

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andrea jones said...

Hello Tom, Amy & Ron,
This is your cousin Andrea (Kenny's wife). I just wanted you to know that my 6-8th grade class is tracking the Sandpiper's route on our world map. It gives the class a real life experience to help with the duldrums of geography. Good luck and happy sailing- love from kenny, andrea, savannah, forest, aunt jo, and allie