14 August 2006

14-Aug-2006 Noon Position

French Polynesia to Niue
South Pacific Ocean

  • 14-Aug-2006
  • 18°54.2000"S/168°18.7000"W
  • 113nm in last 24hrs
  • 957nm from Bora Bora
  • 87nm to Niue
  • 15-20 knots NE
  • swells 10ft NE
62 miles to go! We brought in the gib last night. This slowed us down enough so we won't be arriving in the middle of the night. We are now looking at around 7:00am, much better.

Tomorrow will be our 9th day at sea. Not bad for an 1100 mile passage on Sandpiper. We are looking forward to Niue. Not quite sure what to expect since our guide book was written before they got hit by a hurricane a few years back. We hear most of the business are still not up and operating. However, Niue does have several caves to go trek through. Should be fun!

One last note about our passage here. Even though it's been a little rolley with the confused seas. We think it's pretty cool we sailed out of the pass from Bora Bora and have been sailing ever since. 'The canvas can do miracles'.

This will be our last entry for the next few days. So not to worry.
love to all,
Notes from Ron:
  • Niue was flattened by Cyclone Heta on 06-January-2004. From Wikipedia:
    Cyclone Heta developed in the South Pacific Ocean and reached cyclone-force winds on January 1, 2004. It struck the island of Niue with a much more direct blow on January 6. Heta's eyewall hit Niue almost exactly at the height of the storm's power. It caused extensive property damage throughout the island, and two people were killed. Efforts to rebuild from the storm in Niue lasted almost the entire year of 2004.

    Heta caused American Samoa to declare a state of emergency (officially a "Declaration of Emergency" in American Samoan law) on January 7, and even though officially the storm never made landfall there, it necessitated the evacuation of 140 people and was responsible for property damage.

    The nation of Tonga was also affected by Heta, as the winds swept away trees that were needed for the country's food supply. However, Tonga did not receive a direct hit or suffer such extensive loss as Niue.
  • Here is a good website with lots of photos that will give you an idea of what Tom and Amy will see on Niue.

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