17 June 2006

17-Jun-2006 Noon

  • 17-Jun-2006
  • 15°25.4000"S/148°14.2000"W
  • 44.5 nm last 24 hrs
  • 44.5nm from Rangoria, Tuamoato Islands
  • 145 nm to Tahiti, Society Islands
  • E 10 knot winds
  • 3ft E swell

Back at sea!!! We left lovely Rangoria this morning at 9am to make the tide at the pass. Sandpiper is enoute Tahiti where we hope to arrive at first light Monday morning.

We had a great time in Rangoria. We got to ride bikes, snorkel, and spend a few days with our friends on SV Sensei. They had caught up with us.

We attempted to cross the lagoon for a not so fun trip. The lagoon is 20 miles wide, and we sailed across where the depth stayed between 80-100ft. Our guide book said there was a great place to anchor on the other side. We had planned on staying over there for a few days. What the book did not say is that the anchorages on the other side are exposed to the wind. And, you are anchoring on a lee shore!!

We got there with the wind blowing 20 knots. No way are we anchoring there. So we tried for the next anchorage, 5 miles away, straight upwind, and only making 2 knots. We decided the best option was to head back to the anchorage where we had started from that morning.

We got back after sunset. Trying to maneuver and anchor in the dark is not fun at best. Then a squall hit us. Then our fishing pole flew over the side.

Before we left Rangoria we stopped by the Shell gas station. They are also the island's fishing gear supplier. I asked the guy for a fishing lure quarenteed to catch the big one. He showed us one and rigged it up for us after we told him that was the one for us.

After getting away for Rangoria, we hooked a nice wahoo on our new, expensive, lure. Our first fish since we left Mexico! I think the fish here knew the lures were Mexican, and being French fish, they turned their noses up at them. But now with this really expensive French lure, they cannot resist.

We plan on spending about a week at Tahiti. We are planning at mooring at the Tahiti Yacht Club where they have promised us a mooring. They have hot showers and laundry! The only hot showers in the South Pacific.

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