04 June 2006

04-Jun-2006 Noon

  • 04-Jun-2006
  • 144°21.2000"S/12°51.8000"W
  • 102 nm last 24 hrs
  • 341nm from Nuka Hiva, Marquesas Islands
  • 138nm to Manihi, Tuamoato Islands
  • E 5-10 knot winds
  • 3ft E swell
Big day today.. SHOWER DAY! Took a nice, long, 5 gallon shower today. It sure felt nice. It was even a bit chilly after. Daily showers with hot water and water pressure is definitely something I miss. However, taking a solar shower on the deck of Sandpiper is also a great experience.

We are out in God's country these last few days. I feel more in the middle of nowhere today than I did the 28 day crossing.

Yesterday our grib file (wind report) predicted for us 15-knots of wind today, which makes for great sailing. Well we haven't had any wind today. We have been motoring since 9am. Real bummer... but at least we know we'll get there on time.

You see, you must show up to the these atolls at specific times in order to enter the pass at slack tide. Some of these passes have a 9 knot current. So if you go in at the wrong time, you could end up in the coral. Not too long ago the Tuamotos were skipped all together by sailors because of the dangerous and hairy passes you need to enter.

This is why we are keeping our atolls sightseeing to a limit. The three atolls Toms picked out have large, and somewhat easy, passes to maneuver through. So tomorrow, around noon, wish us luck so we make it through our first pass.

A quick update on our sail last night. Around midnight I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer . So I called Tom to relieve my watch. Apparently, as soon as I went below the autopilot failed. This is huge because we do not want to have to sterr the boat at all. "Not even for ten minutes.", as Tom says. After two hours of Tom rebuilding it 5 times, taking out gears, and finally replacing the motor, we are back in business! Thank goodness for Captain Tom!

Love to all,

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Ron Larson said...

Tom & Amy. Be careful about that most dangerous of all reefs... "No Brains Atoll".

queue the crickets....