02 June 2006

02-June-2006 Noon Report

  • 10'25.7S/141'37.8W
  • 119 nm last 24 hrs
  • 125nm from Nuka Hiva
  • 378nm to Manihi, Tuamoato Islands
  • SE 15-20 knots wind
  • 4-6ft SE swell
Had a fun night sailing through a bunch of night squalls full of wind and rain!! You know what Capt'n Ron says... "They come on you fast. And they leave you fast."

Today the Sandpiper was able to sail at 6 knots all day, and am hoping the winds hold, as we are making great time. We came within one mile of a longliner fishing boat last night. And there is another sailboat a few miles behind us on the same course. So we are back to keeping a really good eye out, as on the Pacific Crossing we really did not see any other boats.

Don't forget to get those packages sent out as we are to be in Tahiti in 3 weeks!!!

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