04 May 2006

Hapatoni Bay, Tahuata

  • Hapatoni Bay
Greetings from Hapatoni Bay!! We woke up this morning hearing children singing from the beach and drummers. Early this morning a small suppy ship anchored. Then a small boat shuttled supplies back and forth, even a cow. We think that the island got a new priest and there was a big reception for him. There were island dancers and music as he slowly made his way to the church wearing about 20 flowered lei's.

We left Biae Vaitahu for a short mile and a half motor down the coast to Hapatoni Bay, in front of the town of Hana Tefau. The island of Tahuata has high, sheer mountains that go straight up from the shoreline. There is all kinds of plant life and trees, making these mountains very green. As we left the anchorage this morning, we saw 5 mountain goats, barely holding on the side of the mountain they were living on.

The town of Hana Tefau is very small. It has a tiny church, a few houses, and a thatched hut near the beach where the men do wood carvings. We hoped to get some carvings today. But there was only one guy carving. All he had was the piece of wood he was carving up, and it did look like it was going to be a very nice piece of work.

Tomorrow we are getting up early to make our crossing to the island of Fatu Hiva, anchoring in Hanavave "Bay of Virgins". This is supposed to be one of the most beautiful anchorages in the world!!

Tom and Amy

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